Labyrinth Walks and Reflections

The labyrinth conspires with you to rewrite the story of your life into one worthy of your magnificence. Old stories fall away as you open to one of the most gentle transitions you have ever experienced. All you need to do is take the first step.

Commission a Labyrinth

Nancy’s passion for building triple spiral labyrinths is born of a deep commitment to honor the earth. She builds labyrinths that gently awaken people to the power of meaningful connection with the land we all live and love on.

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Thoughts from the Labyrinth

What are your intentions?


I have been struggling with the whole concept of intention setting for a while now.  Actually, to be completely truthful, when I first set out on this “awakening” journey (not that I knew that’s what I was up to when I started, mind you), I didn’t even really understand what they (the mentors, the books, the friends) were talking about.  And then when I finally got a vague understanding of the concept, I began fighting with it.

This idea that we set intentions for where we want to be in the future, and that will guide us there — It’s magic; it’s the universe at work, etc.  I do believe it’s magic and that it’s the universe at work, and yet, I still fought it.  I’ve watched it work for others, in fact, people have written books about it, gotten rich teaching and preaching about it, and still I fought.  Continue Reading →

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New Fire ElementI’ve been doing an evolving form of ritual for my clients for several years now.  For whatever reason, it had not occurred to me to perform that same ritual for myself.  This morning as I headed out to the labyrinth, I started thinking about the antique copper bowl I bought yesterday to create the Fire element in the fountain near the entrance to the labyrinth.  I quite liked this sweet little bowl, so I headed in to the cottage to retrieve it.

Yesterday when I brought it back to the cottage, I had placed seven small pieces of fossilized whale bone on a bed of Hawaiian black sea salt in the bottom of the copper bowl and placed the votive candle holder on top. Continue Reading →

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Sunset in Santa Cruz, CA

The scratches on the table leg are deep, angled from the same direction, so it looks like they were made over time, rather than all at once.  A repeated behavior that had a harmful impact.  I noticed the scratches as I was moving the table to sweep beneath in and around these pedestal legs.  My first thought was to blame the dog or the cat.  They like to hang out at my feet and this is the table I write at.  So I’m here in this spot a lot, being useful, and being not useful. Continue Reading →

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Noticing perfection


I awoke this morning excited to be trying out a new exercise class just down the street from me.  This is a big deal because I live 20 minutes from town, so the idea that I could walk to something is thrilling.  (Obviously I thrill easily.)

I skip out my front door, eager to head to this new adventure.  The birds are chattering; the sun is shining through cloud cover; it’s a comfortable temperature outside.  I approach the house with hesitation, because while I’m right on time, I can see no evidence of others gathering.  I knock on the glass door, startling the long-haired black cat who is lounging on the rug.  We stare at each other for a bit, me trying to impress upon the feline the importance of alerting his mistress that there is someone at the door, because I know that the bedrooms are far from the front room, and far from the sound of my gentle knocking.  It feels so peaceful standing at the doorway, mind-melding with the cat, but after awhile it becomes apparent that no one is coming. Continue Reading →

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In the driver’s seat

Labyrinth in sunshine

I had the most amazing dream last night!  I woke up this morning before the alarm thinking about the series of dream segments that I’d just been in.

I’m in the passenger seat of a big truck.  It’s being driven by a man I know to be one of the most competent, thoughtful people on the planet.  He would do anything for anyone.  Anyway, he’s driving and I’m reading Ender’s Game, at least it’s supposed to be Ender’s Game, but it’s much bigger than that book, and it’s got a number of bookmarks in it ahead of where I’m at, also the next page that I’m to read is missing a big chunk of text.  It’s been torn out from the top.  Continue Reading →

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