Labyrinth Walks and Reflections

The labyrinth conspires with you to rewrite the story of your life into one worthy of your magnificence. Old stories fall away as you open to one of the most gentle transitions you have ever experienced. All you need to do is take the first step.

Commission a Labyrinth

Nancy’s passion for building triple spiral labyrinths is born of a deep commitment to honor the earth. She builds labyrinths that gently awaken people to the power of meaningful connection with the land we all live and love on.

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Thoughts from the Labyrinth


DD-JoyI’m playing with the concepts behind the cards in my Self-Discovery Deck.  Today’s focus is the Joy card.

Ahhhhh, Joy.  This seems like it might be a card that doesn’t need explaining and that might be right.  On the other hand, I want to spend a little time writing about my practice around Joy.  Folk seem to think that Joy is something that happens to them.  It’s the result of ‘good things.’  And that’s all well and good, but it’s also the result of a perspective.  I actively look for Joy in unexpected places.  Specifically where I don’t expect to find it.  That practice alone has shifted many, many things in my life. Continue Reading →

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DD-PerfectionPerfection, while seemingly lovely, can be a bugaboo for people. I’ve noticed a tendency to look at the world through a distorted view of perfection.  Perfection carrying the weight of what we think it means and all the evidence that we’ve accumulated saying that we’ve not reached it; will never reach it.

My invitation is to find perfection in the tiny moments, to rest in those tiny moments of perfection until you can feel that spreading out, touching other moments to include perfection in them.  This particular picture was of a sunrise that just kept getting better and better.

My experience was that it got more and more beautiful as I watched.  Tears filled my eyes as I allowed myself to be touched by the unfolding moments of beauty and more beauty and even more beauty, and then the colors started to recede and in that moment I had a choice.  I could notice the colors fading and choose to believe that faded colors were less ‘perfect’ than bright, saturated ones or I could continue to tap into the beauty that was.  I chose to continue to see the beauty in the softening of the colors and the shifting of my attention back to my beautiful friend who was with me.

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DD-BreatheThis seems simple and it is, but it’s also profound. Paying attention to my breath regularly brings me back to an awareness of me. I often find that I’ve got my awareness looped out, checking out the outside world, seeing what the outside world has to say about me and the things that I love. While this can be interesting, if I get caught out there, then I lose myself.

To consciously breathe brings me back to me, to what I’m thinking. Am I being kind to myself? No? Breathe. Yes? Breathe. Do I like what I’m doing? No? Breathe. Yes? Breathe. It’s the answer to everything. It’s the beginning and the end and everything in between. And yet, it’s ‘just’ breath. It’s happening all the time, whether I put my attention on it or not. How are you breathing? You don’t have to try to change it. Just noticing it is enough.

What happens when you put your attention on your breath?


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DD-off-balanceA friend suggested doing a single card draw to use as a focus for the month, so I thought I’d explore that idea.  The card I drew (from the current Self-Discovery Deck) for the month of June was Off-Balance.

I’ve found that people often think that this is a ‘bad’ card.  That it’s less desirable than, say the ‘Serenity’ card, but here’s the thing.  Being off-balance means we’re in motion.  If you think about walking for a bit, you’ll immediately recognize that if you’re perfectly balanced, you’re standing still.  You cannot walk until you take yourself out of balance.  It’s only at that point of stepping off that movement can happen.

What’s in motion for you this month?  What are you planning to set in motion?



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Walking in the dark

IMG_7426 Fifteen faces, the flickering light of a single votive candle in the darkness, silent and still.  A mantle of peace settles over me as I look out and breathe in the life force of the humans, animals and other beings surrounding us.

As the first headlamp lights the path, I begin to play the largest of my Tibetan singing bowls, a low quiet hum growing louder as people slowly enter the labyrinth, each with their own light.  Some bright and wide, highlighting their whole path and the ones next to them, others dim and small.

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