Labyrinth Walks and Reflections

The labyrinth conspires with you to rewrite the story of your life into one worthy of your magnificence. Old stories fall away as you open to one of the most gentle transitions you have ever experienced. All you need to do is take the first step.

Commission a Labyrinth

Nancy’s passion for building triple spiral labyrinths is born of a deep commitment to honor the earth. She builds labyrinths that gently awaken people to the power of meaningful connection with the land we all live and love on.

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Thoughts from the Labyrinth

Walking in the dark

IMG_7426 Fifteen faces, the flickering light of a single votive candle in the darkness, silent and still.  A mantle of peace settles over me as I look out and breathe in the life force of the humans, animals and other beings surrounding us.

As the first headlamp lights the path, I begin to play the largest of my Tibetan singing bowls, a low quiet hum growing louder as people slowly enter the labyrinth, each with their own light.  Some bright and wide, highlighting their whole path and the ones next to them, others dim and small.

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Apple blossoms and bee

I’ve been wondering about creativity and all the myriad ideas that have been flowing through me, mourning the loss of those ideas that I haven’t acted upon. And then this morning, as I was looking at the apple tree, it occurred to me that not all blossoms are meant to be pollinated. Sometimes they’re simply here to be beautiful, and what a joy that is.

Each one of these flowers has the potential to be an apple, but they do not all become apples. If they did, the tree branches would break with the weight.

The bees pollinate certain flowers; those become apples.

So, if I’m a bee, what am I choosing to pollinate?

I am choosing to put my attention on creating magic in the world. How about you?



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Creating new stories

IMG_7160I’m headed into town driving my old, wobbly van to take the dog to the groomers.  This is exciting, because several months ago I attempted to take her to the groomer and she refused to get in the van.  I thought that this was it, she was never leaving the property, because the van was the only vehicle that she would even consider getting into.

So, I’m happily driving down, listening to music and humming to myself when I suddenly notice that I am currently driving over a crosswalk, and there is a fellow trying to cross the street.  Holy moly, I know that guy!  That’s my friend, Ian.  After the adrenaline spike comes the remorse, compounded by the fact that I knew him!  He’s a dear friend!  And now, there’s a motorcycle cop at my window, siren pulsing, gesturing to move off the road. Continue Reading →

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What am I reaching for?

statue on triple spiral labyrinthI was startled by this question.  While I spend much of my time paying attention to where I’m placing my attention, I haven’t thought about the moments or places just past where my attention is.  I don’t think about reaching much at all.  That is obvious by the point of focus on the photographs I take. I love the close, cropped views.

I focus on what’s here and now for the most part.  It’s partly a practice of mine to stay in the present as I have spent much of my life living in the past, thinking about past grievances, or traumas.  I began shifting that particular habit about a decade ago and have become happily adept at recommitting to being here in the present moment on a regular basis. Continue Reading →

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What are your intentions?


I have been struggling with the whole concept of intention setting for a while now.  Actually, to be completely truthful, when I first set out on this “awakening” journey (not that I knew that’s what I was up to when I started, mind you), I didn’t even really understand what they (the mentors, the books, the friends) were talking about.  And then when I finally got a vague understanding of the concept, I began fighting with it.

This idea that we set intentions for where we want to be in the future, and that will guide us there — It’s magic; it’s the universe at work, etc.  I do believe it’s magic and that it’s the universe at work, and yet, I still fought it.  I’ve watched it work for others, in fact, people have written books about it, gotten rich teaching and preaching about it, and still I fought.  Continue Reading →

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